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When may you need our expertise?

Complex and unique assets are subject to valuation

For non-standard assets, we develop our own methods that comply with the international valuation standards and best world practices

Your project involves confidential information

Each one of our officers adheres to the policy of non-disclosing any information about our clients that we obtained through professional activity.

There are threats to the valuer's independence

Our internal control procedures and rules of external communication ensure the impartiality and independence of professional opinion.

You need valuation for a big deal with large volumes of work

Our Valuation Department incorporates 30 individuals. This allows for large amounts of work to be performed without involving external staff within the time agreed.


We valuate pursuant to the international standards IVS, RICS, IFRS, work with Ukrainian and foreign clients.


We have an extensive practice of valuing different assets: from steamboats to the nuclear fuel storage facilities


We work in a team with financial and market analysts and engage industry experts in the projects


We use industrial and macroeconomic data and forecasts from the world major analytical agencies in combination with traditional valuation procedures


We set realistic deadlines and meet them without compromising the project quality


We promptly respond to your questions, deliver you the data, and contact you should we have any questions



Some results of our valuation projects


Client: a large industrial enterprise, a monopoly in one segment of the metallurgical industry.

Objective: in order to obtain a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), it has become necessary to establish the value of assets to be pledged as collateral.

What was done: We valuated unique facilities that ensure basic production processes of the enterprise, most of which are unparalleled both in

Ukraine and in the world. The valuation was performed pursuant to IVS 310 Valuations of Real Property for Secured Lending and IVS 220 Plant and Equipment, and was accepted by EBRD.

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Client: One of the largest Ukrainian banks.

Objective: As collateral for a loan from the state monopoly, the bank accepted its rights of claim under contracts with the counterparties. It, therefore, created the necessity to divide the market value of the property rights to be pledged as collateral.

What was done: As we valued the rights of claim, we analyzed the counterparties' financial solvency, taking into account the risks based on retrospective

data on the relationship between the parties and their current financial situation. As for the relationship with counterparties that was subject to litigations, we engaged the legal service of Kreston GCG to analyze the Register of Judgments and prospects for enforcing the counterparties to fulfill their obligations. As a result, the bank and pledger have significantly changed their perception of the property rights value to be pledged.

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Client: Natural monopoly in the transportation of natural resources.

Objective: For the purposes of assets recognition pursuant to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), we valuated their fair value. More than 40,000 of assets were subject to valuation.

What was done: The project involved the entire Valuation Department making it possible to implement it on a tight schedule set by the client. The work was successfully accepted by the

international auditor.

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Client: Foreign company.

Objective: As our client acquired corporate rights in a number of Ukrainian companies from the oil and gas industry, he was interested in an independent valuation performed by a competent valuator with considerable valuation experience under IFRS and the standards of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (UK).

What was done: A valuation was performed on the basis of the forecasted future revenues of the

Group with account for a corporate development program, forecasts for industrial indicators and anticipated extraction levels of exploitable minerals. The buyer's oversight authorities and brokers supporting the transaction also relied on results of this work.

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Client: One of the leading advertising companies in Ukraine.

Objective: Valuation of more than 4,000 intangible assets of one of the leading advertising companies in Ukraine to revaluate their display in financial statements pursuant to IFRS.

What was done: Valuation procedures were performed in accordance with the Multiperiod Excess Earning Method recommended by the international valuation standard IVS 210 Intangible

assets. The value was determined by discounting cash flows for each valuated asset that related solely to that very asset. To do so, a portion of the income generated by other assets of the Group – such as goodwill, trademark, labor, and related tangible assets were excluded from the cash flow. The calculation methodology and results of the work were agreed with the international auditor of the Group and are recorded in the financial statements under IFRS.

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Client: One of the largest telecommunication companies in Ukraine

Objective: Valuation of assets according to the requirements of international valuation standards involving professional valuers – acting professional members of RICS.

What was done:The results obtained enabled the company management to get impartial information on the assets and fully meet the expectations of the report users – a foreign financial institution.

The equipment was unique and designed solely for the client's needs, which made the comparable uncontrolled price priority method inapplicable in this case. On the other hand, the client leased construction equipment to unrelated counterparties in other jurisdictions as well. The lack of a strict comparability criteria along with an opportunity to make all necessary adjustments allowed us to apply the method "Costs+". This led to a certainty that the rate of return in controlled operations was the same as in uncontrolled operations. The documentation was prepared via the method "Costs+".

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Andrey Popov

Andrey Popov


Transaction Services
Valuation and Business Modeling

Andrey Popov
Anastasiya Soloha

Anastasiya Soloha


Valuation and Business Modeling


We witnessed the qualification and experience of Kreston GCG more than once throughout their work. We would like to commend their remarkable efficiency and responsibility of the staff, as well as their high level of management in large-scale projects with tight deadlines. Valuation of the assets was conducted at the highest level.

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Liubomir Kotsiumas


Kreston GCG performed the planned works in accordance with the International Valuation Standards in compliance with our requirements and the agreed terms. Our cooperation was productive and fruitful. We recommend this company for the evaluation of your assets.

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S.V. Pylypenko


Kreston GCG employees are always open to negotiation, possessing a practical and proactive approach to solving the business situations emerging. Their teamwork was top-notch. The project was delivered up to our expectations. We will be happy to continue our cooperation.

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PlasmaTec PJSC


V.P. Slobodianiuk


Kreston GCG is a reliable and competent company in the field of valuation services. The team’s incredible ability to perform complex asset valuations was a surprise to us. We realized that we had made the right choice during the project as their staff was delivering it in a highly professional manner.

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NUKEM Technologies GmbH

Managing Director

V. Zoria


The distinctive attribute of Kreston GCG is their willingness to provide maximum assistance to solve the issues before the bank and our customers. We want to commend them for a comprehensive elaboration on the services they render, a well-thought design and strong desire for cooperation.

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First Ukrainian International Bank PJSC

Head of Department

I.A. Buts


We have an extensive experience of cooperation with Kreston GCG. The company has successfully completed a number of valuations of movable and immovable property, and proved to be a diligent and highly-qualified organization. The high level of professionalism is a hallmark of their staff’s workstyle.

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A.A. Pavlov


We learned of the pros of collaborating with Kreston GCG first-hand from their valuation practices. Their staff proved to be true professionals. Their high level of commitment enables them to perform their work efficiently and in strict compliance with the deadlines.

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Alfa-Bank PJSC

H. Honchar


With account for our cooperation history with Kreston GCG, we commend an excellent training and professionalism of the company experts as they render the asset valuation services. Their high degree of commitment provides for implementation of projects in a timely and qualitative fashion.

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A.A. Holubchenko

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