Privacy Policy

Kreston GCG shall protect your confidentiality and guarantee that the data obtained from users remains private including the personal data obtained through the company website. The type, contents, and information amount depends on the data sent through the Kreston GCG emails as a result of registrations.

Collection and use of personal data

We may obtain your personal data only if you voluntarily provide it to us in any way available – e.g. by registering on our website to receive services or send a message to one of our emails. The only exceptions are situations when Kreston GCG has already obtained your personal data (e.g. it applies to our former and present employees in the company).

If you have registered on the Kreston GCG website and sent your personal data through it, then we automatically have your consent to use this data pursuant to the privacy terms and conditions established by the Policy.
We use the personal data you provide us with to answer your queries and offer detailed information on the services Kreston GCG provides. The only exceptions are for the cases when you voluntarily allow your personal data to be used for other purposes. For instance, if you address us via email with a query to provide data on Kreston GCG, we will use the email you indicated and other information you provided to answer your reply.

Should we intend to use your personal data to keep you updated on the Kreston GCG services, we shall send a notice of such intention and give you an opportunity to refuse from such mailouts. If you send a CV or resume at our company's email to apply for a job opening at Kreston GCG, we will be using that data only to provide the applicant with the vacancies we only have available at the given moment.

Kreston GCG collects sensitive data only in the situations when users provide such data voluntarily or if the collection of such data is stipulated by legislation or our professional standards.

By sending your sensitive data to Kreston GCG, you act at your own discretion. At the same time, you should not send your confidential data to Kreston GCG if you give no consent for the company to use this data for work-related purposes pursuant to the laws in force and to transfer the data into its database for storage purposes.

Should you need any answers on how much it is necessary and expedient to provide your personal data to Kreston GCG for specific purposes, please use the information below to contact us

There is a number of situations when Kreston GCG automatically collects certain types of data as you visit one of the company websites or when the e-messaging between you and the company representative takes place. The following technologies are used to collect this data: cookies, web server logs to collect IP addresses, web beacons. Collecting this data will help us improve our websites, their usability, make them functionally and visually friendly, evaluate their marketing performance.

How do we protect your information and interests?

We strictly adhere to the law of Ukraine on personal data protection. In particular, we are governed by the Ukranian legislation in force that regulates the collection, storage, or processing of the sensitive data collected (data on a transaction, user name, password, and other data stored on our website).

Information that you provide Kreston GCG with is ought to be stored throughout the entire period required to collect digital data or the period established by law. We shall not transfer any data to third parties unless such measures are stipulated by our professional code of conduct or in the events when such process is governed by law or regulations. We shall not sell your personal data under any circumstances.

Information collected by Kreston GCG can be transferred solely to the members of Kreston International should such transfer be needed for professional purposes and to answer the inquiries. By transferring your data to Kreston GCG, you agree that the exchange of the data obtained via international communication channels may take place.
Should you provide your personal data to Kreston GCG, we can grant you an access to this information so you can amend and actualise it. Moreover, you are entitled to send us an inquiry for corrections or removal of data to our email: We will promptly take the necessary actions to settle your inquiry if it is possible and does not contravene the law and our professional standards.

Email Security Policy

We shall not sale, exchange, lease personal data of our users. Our company shall not transfer, sell, or distribute the email addresses that you have reported to the company by using this website. Any email we receive shall be used solely for communicating with you. Data on such email shall be stored at Kreston GCG only and, if necessary, in affiliated companies.

By giving us your email, you can occasionally receive our newsletters. Should you refuse from receiving such messages, you can contact us by phone or send an email asking to cancel the subscription.

Changes in Privacy Policy
Kreston GCG reserves the right to update this Policy at its own discretion without reporting to the users. This page shall always contain the newest revision of the Policy.
We encourage you to check on this page regularly so you stay updated with the newest regulations on personal data protection. By using the Kreston GCG websites, you automatically agree and accept the responsibility to review and keep yourself up-to-date with the Policy and its most recent revisions.

Contractual legal relationship

All contracts authorising our company to render services shall contain the clauses on the non-disclosure of sensitive information, as well as the relevant clauses on the procedure for processing and transferring the personal data.
Moreover, should there be a need and depending on your wishes, we can conclude non-disclosure contracts at the approval stage or negotiate any other documents to ensure a reliable protection of your interests as soon as at the initial stage of our partnership.

Policy-related issues and compliance

Kreston GCG shall protect the information provided. If you have any questions or complaints regarding our work with your personal data, please contact us at This email is also relevant if you need to report any problems associated with the compliance of this Policy.

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