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Услуги по сопровождению сделок

We know how to raise capital
and how to examine an investment object

Our favorite range of transactions is $5 to $50 million

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We offer a comprehensive support to our clients, who plan to develop further by acquiring new business, selling a business or its parts, or entering international capital markets.

Our experts can assist in the overall management of the business acquisition or sale process, or render other services at any stage of transaction.

As part of the fund-raising procedure, we prepare our client for raising the capital on the terms most profitable for him/her by preparing all the necessary documents and selecting the most lucrative offers.

Our range of corporate finance services includes:

  • Support in IPO and private offerings
  • Advising sellers during M&A
  • Advising buyers during M&A
  • Due Diligence
  • Valuation of business
  • Financial modeling
  • Consultation services on raising capital


We offer a full-range support in transactions for a business sale or acquisition, as well as for access to international capital markets.

Our service lines:

  • Substantiation of transaction strategy
  • Analysis of market conditions
  • Operational and Financial Due Diligence
  • Legal support in transactions
  • Valuation of business
  • Business modeling
  • Capital raising services


An independent valuation is paramount in merger, acquisition and purchase of business. With 15 years of experience in investigating fraudulent transactions at our capacity, as well as in financial and tax due diligence, we can say that the negligence of detailed calculations usually results in considerable financial losses.

As a rule, successful entrepreneurs take decisions based on their intuition, partners' opinion and financial calculations of stakeholders. We recommend you to conduct an independent valuation of your business, assets, and liabilities, as well as running business modeling for the future operations of the companies you are about to acquire.


In the early years of Kreston GCG, we specialized exclusively on companies undergoing bankruptcy procedures or financial insolvency.

The vast majority of our clients successfully completed the reorganization procedures and restructure of debts to creditors: banks, suppliers, buyers, staff and government agencies.

Here you can see an example of basic restructuring stages of a syndicated loan (a case of one of our clients):

1. Operational and financial diagnostics of the corporation.

  • Operational diagnostics
  • Diagnostics of management systems
  • Diagnostics of accounting and reporting systems
  • Financial analysis

2. Researching the corporation's target markets, evaluation of the marketing environment.

  • General overview of the corporation's target markets
  • Demand overview
  • Overview of supply and competition in the target markets
  • Situation at commodity markets
  • Situation forecast for the target markets

3. Development of a debt restructuring plan, production of an amicable settlement draft with a set of substantiations.

  • Situation forecast for the target markets
  • Development of measures on enhancing the corporation’s financial solvency
  • Financial forecast
  • Development of a plan for restructuring the syndicated loan
  • Development of an amicable settlement

4. Participation in negotiations with a creditors club for restructuring the loan.


Financial and tax due diligence is one of the most popular services of our company.

In past, the Ukrainian economy grew and allowed for a larger number of companies to be diagnosed and for promising companies to be sold. Today, however, companies listed for sale with a large discount are generally the only subjects of analyses.
Business owners also contact us to conduct an independent efficiency audit of their companies.

The deterioration of financial indicators creates an environment of mistrust towards the company management and requires an independent valuation to absorb corporate disputes.

The financial and tax due diligence can be performed in a variety of procedures that we agree upon with our clients before the project commences.

In a comprehensive Due Diligence, they amount to 150 procedures.


Oleg Kuznietsov


Financial Statement Audit
Transition to IFRS
Financial and Tax Due Diligence

Sviatoslav Yefremov

Sviatoslav Yefremov


Financial Investigations
Development of Fraud Counteraction Systems
Financial and Tax Due Diligence

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