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On July 23, the OSAC Security Committee in Ukraine hosted a forum on cyber security at the Horizon Park Business Center. Taras Dumenko, Business Development Manager of Kreston GCG, attended the event. The forum’s agenda included digital security and sustainability issues. The format of the meeting made it possible to analyze the existing problems in the mode of multilateral dialogue, uniting the opinions of government representatives, security specialists, and business leaders.

The purpose of the forum is to provide participants with information on how to identify threats, protect critical business assets, and build a robust strategy to prevent attacks.

Serhii Demediuk, Head of the Cyber Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine, in his speech named three main tasks the authority is currently engaged in:

  1. Resistance to malware;
  2. Protection of personal data;
  3. Working with mining.

In addition, Demediuk told about malware attacks that have been neutralized over the past year, and assured that the cyber police are constantly monitoring risks and threats in an enhanced mode.

Referring to the problem of personal data protection, the Head of the structure said that his office does its utmost, but within the framework of the legislation in force, without harmonization with the European law on GDPR, the powers of the Cyber police are limited. Moreover, the information literacy of the population is still low, which adds the work to the responsible authorities.

Special attention was given to the mining, as it has recently become an incredibly big problem for business in Ukraine. According to the Head of the Cyber Police Department, there are three categories of statements about mining: fictitious reports to blackmail, obstruction of proper work in the context of unfair economic competition, and real cases of mining. During the discussion, representatives of cyber security provided practical advices and recommendations to minimize the risk of falling into the trap of pseudominers.

The activities of the Cyber Police Department that started ten years ago have proven to be effective. However, considering the challenging situation in the country, heavy workload and critical lack of resources, the effectiveness of its actions has not yet reached the expected level – there is still room for improvement. It is obvious that Ukraine’s information security system needs updating, adoption of necessary laws and standards, and simplification of the structure. We hope that in the near future the necessary measures will optimize the legislation and competent expansion of the powers of the Cyber Police Department, which will not affect human rights.

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On June 20, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi held his first meeting with the business community. Taras Dumenko, Business Development Manager at Kreston GCG, attended this event. The participants had the opportunity to discuss the President’s plans and the main priorities of his team in the field of improvement and strengthening of domestic business.

First of all, the President expressed his gratitude to the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) for abolishing the mandatory sale of 30% of foreign currency earnings and announced the revocation of the decree on fines for cash discipline. The President named European integration, improvement of the credit rating and image of the country among foreign investors, as well as continuation of cooperation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as priorities for his team. In overcoming the crisis, the President’s team concentrates largely on the fighting corruption.

“The state is a service for business, not its competitor. We have to build the infrastructure for it and support creativity and innovation,” said Volodymyr Zelenskyi. He expressed confidence that the Security Service of Ukraine should not interfere in the affairs of entrepreneurs. However, according to him, it is necessary to establish the Financial Investigation Service, launch the work of the Anti-Corruption Court and conduct a tax amnesty.

The President named the strategy of total digitalization of the state and simplification of the process of connection to power networks as important factors in improving the quality of life in Ukraine.

In conclusion, the President also expressed his gratitude to the business community for creating jobs and paying taxes, and offered to contribute to the country’s development as investors and benefactors.

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On June 13, an open dialogue between representatives of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (FSU) and the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (ACC), part of which is Kreston GCG, took place. The reason for the meeting was the launch of the Bastion program developed to combat smuggling at the Ukrainian customs. The key goal of the operation is to support the “white” business and help it get rid of unfair competition. In the course of the discussion, Oleksandr Vlasov, Acting Chairman of the FSU, named the need to eliminate smuggling schemes of fuel transportation and “jacket schemes” as one of the main priorities of Bastion.

Within the framework of the operation, three advisors to the Head of the operation will communicate with the business community. Each of them will be responsible for communication with a specific audience. Thus, the first advisor should maintain contact with business associations that accept complaints from representatives of “white” business. The task of the second advisor is to ensure communication with law enforcement authorities. The third advisor deals with interaction with volunteers and the society.

The discussion also included the following:

– restoring the competition for the position of the Head of the Tax Service;

– 100% declaration and implementation of electronic queue at customs;

– results of procurement of scanners for optimization of customs services (7 out of 10 purchased) and plans for their further commissioning;

– Ukraine’s accession to the European Union Common Transit System (NCTS)

– elimination of personal contacts with customs officers by digitalization of all customs systems following the example of Azerbaijan.

Taras Dumenko, Business Development Manager at Kreston GCG, says, “The ideas of Ukraine’s accession to the NCTS system and global customs digitalization are very attractive. However, it is difficult to make a forecast about the effectiveness of Bastion operation itself. We hope that it will enable the control of goods from import to sale, and expect active actions to eliminate smuggling at the Ukrainian customs.  During today’s discussion, the participants mentioned that there should be no law enforcement authorities in the customs control zone other than customs officers themselves. All in all, we hope that the Bastion team will succeed in building a communication between the services that will allow combining the actions aimed at improving the quality of control.

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How can a Ukrainian company influence changes in business models of an international audit network with a staff of 25,000 people in over 125 countries.

More on this in the article by Liza Robbins, CEO of Kreston International.


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Kreston GCG was invited by Kreston International to the annual EMEA conference to share its experience in developing and implementing its own sales&marketing system. Managing partner Sergey Atamas and sales department supervisor Irina Nerozna spoke in Warsaw among 164 delegates from more than 50 countries.

Sergey Atamas: “We thank Lise Robbins, CEO of Kreston International, for the opportunity to reveal in details our approaches in assuring predictable revenue. We have invested a lot of effort in systematizing and automating sales, and we realize how much growth potential a global network Kreston International has, switching to multi-channel marketing with professional salespeople”.

Irina Nerozna: “The interest that the presentation aroused turned out to be above our expectations. Everyone needs a sustainable profitable business, which will depend less and less on the activity of managing partners or owners of consulting companies”.

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On July 26, Our Head of Financial Investigations and Partner, Artem Kovbel held a regular meeting among the Forensic Committee of the ACSU, which is also headed by him.

The meeting developed plans and initiatives for up to 2018:

  • organization of a roundtable: Forensic – the Most Effective Anti-Fraud Tool;
  • a trip to Las Vegas to attend the ASIS conference (American Society for Industrial Security);
  • implementation of a Corporate Director training course and much more.

As we have already informed, both the ACSB and Forensic Committee includes representatives from the largest financial and industrial transnational corporations that deal with the corporate security in Ukraine and abroad.

Find more information about the ACSB here.



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