Regulation of business processes for a market operator

Food delivery market operator in Kyiv, ranked in Top-5.

What was to be done:
1) Conducting diagnostics and documenting the current management system in comparison with best management practices for eateries and food delivery services.
2) Identidying the areas to be improved and increasing the efficiency of business processes.

What was achieved:
1. A detailed de facto description of the existing business processes created.
2. Challenges and risks in the areas of supply, warehousing, production, financial management, and human resources management identified.
3. Recommendations for optimization of organizational structure, hiring competent specialists and arranging of management functions are developed.
4. Options to transfer certain functions to outsource presented.
5. A roadmap prepared for management to guide through optimization of the management system, taking into account the priority of the identified problems.

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  • CLIENT Food delivery market operator in Kyiv, ranked in Top-5.
  • SERVICE Аудит систем и процессов
  • INDUSTRY Торговля


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