Verification of construction and testing of the controls system

Producer of alcoholic beverages. During the testing and verification of the construction project we revealed:

  • losses to the holding as a result of ineffective management of accounts receivable, unreasonable transfer of advances to dubious suppliers to the tune of UAH 3.8 million;
  • losses from inefficient inventory management of UAH 4.9 million;
  • overpricing of capital repairs and construction of various buildings running to UAH 1.4 million (including the cost of works and materials), in some cases, the overpricing reached 220% of the cost;
  • violation of security rules for access to warehouses;
  • risks of fraud due to the insufficient level of automation of cash accounting, insufficient quality of document turnover;
  • shortcomings in policy on conflict of interests and discrepancies with allocation of duties, creating extensive opportunities for fraudulent activities.

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  • CLIENT Producer of alcoholic beverages
  • SERVICE Форензик (финансовые расследования)
  • INDUSTRY Потребительский сектор


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