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Optimization of the client relations system

Owners of a machine-building plant in the Central part of Ukraine asked Kreston GCG to increase the efficiency of marketing and sales of the company’s products.

The project has been implemented in the following way:
1) Evaluating the effectiveness of existing business processes, identifying the main risks in the field of marketing, relationships with key consumers of services (operators of freight rail transport market) and attracting new customers.
2) Development and implementation of measures to optimize the work of the commercial department.
What was achieved:
1) We identified possibilities and threats that the client will encounter in the next 5 years (based on analysis of key market players, key consumer plans and prospects for government regulation of the market).
2) We formulated conclusions about effectiveness of organization of the commercial department.
3) We prepared recommendations for minimizing risks in the field of marketing policy, organizing the work of the commercial department and expanding the number of available tools for attracting new clients.
4) We performed monitoring and correction of implementation of provided recommendations during 1 following year.

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  • CLIENT A machine-building plant in Central Ukraine.
  • SERVICE Financial statement audit
  • INDUSTRY Agriculture


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