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We offer the most practical and legally supported solutions to almost any issue

Advocacy in disputes of any nature

Settlement of tax and customs disputes, including the administrative appeal procedure

Corporate law and corporate management disputes

Business law disputes

Real estate and construction disputes

Disputes in conformation with the anti-monopoly law requirements

Disputes involving bankruptcy

Labor disputes

Intellectual property disputes

Private capital management

In-depth and basic legal diagnostics of the current corporate structures and previously acquired assets to be included in the target corporate structure

Development of an optimal structure for asset management with account for customer requirements and risks identified at the pre-diagnostics phase

Development of a step-by-step algorithm for implementation of the target corporate structure selected by the owner

Full legal support in implementation of the asset management structure selected

Consulting on various tax and legal aspects of private capital management, as well as in the choice of jurisdictions and legal forms for establishing the beneficiary's participation in the corporate structure selected (trusts, private funds, personal companies, etc.)

Support in M&A transactions

Corporate and tax structuring

In-depth and limited legal diagnostics of assets

Obtaining merger approvals

Development and approval of contracts for sale and purchase of assets, contracts with shareholders, as well as any other transaction documents

Advocacy of the sellers of assets at all stages

Consulting on various issues of competition, labor, currency and other legislation

Corporate and commercial law


Registration of non-residents' representation offices, branches and other separate business units of entities

Development and refinement of the Articles of Association, shareholder agreements, other corporate documents (both under the law of Ukraine and England)

Support in corporate restructuring both in and outside Ukraine

Corporate management


Diagnostics of international trade operations

Structuring that also complies with the regulations of tax and customs legislation of the respective jurisdictions

Development of supply contract drafts, as well as license, franchise, agency, distribution, and other contracts

Consultations on the monetary, customs and tax legislation on the international trade transactions

Restructuring and bankruptcy

Legal audit of companies and assets

Tax and legal structuring of transactions with distressed assets and bad debt

Support in transactions with distressed assets and bad debt

Advice on legal and tax aspects of restructuring and bankruptcy

Support of debtors and creditors in negotiations

Legal representation in bankruptcy proceedings

Consultations on the Ukrainian and foreign legislation on bankruptcy

Support of bankruptcy cases in foreign jurisdictions

Real estate and construction

Support in acquisition and disposal of real estate

Diagnostics of real estate

Structuring real estate transactions, as well as involvement of companies incorporated in foreign jurisdictions

Support in leasing, mortgage, rent and in the management of real estate units

Support in obtaining licenses and reconciliation of documents

Support in attracting equity and debt financing

Consultation on other legal or tax aspects related to implementation of the projects in residential and commercial real estate, construction and development industries

International Arbitration

Consultations on risks and prospects of potential arbitration proceedings

Support in pre-arbitration negotiation process

Consultations on the choice of international arbitration and applicable law

Production of arbitration clauses and separate arbitration agreements

Advocacy of clients in arbitration proceedings

Challenge against arbitration judgments passed in Ukraine

Confession and enforcement of foreign arbitration judgments in Ukraine and other jurisdictions

Legal support at the decision enforcement stage

Intellectual property

Registration of copyright, domain names, marks for goods and services (trademarks)

Obtaining patents for inventions, utility models, industrial designs

Diagnostics of intellectual property items

Structuring the transactions (including the cross-border ones) with intellectual property units

Consultations on various tax aspects related to intellectual property

Representation of interests in the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine, State Tax Service of Ukraine, Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and in courts on various issues of intellectual property protection


Our lawyers have been supporting deals and projects in various jurisdictions for over 10 years


Our portfolio comprises implemented projects of various complexity levels regulated by both the Ukrainian and foreign legislation (including the English law)


Our company is composed of lawyers with experience in both consulting and law companies, as well as in the legal departments of various enterprises


We render legal support to our clients not only in the course of the project implementation but after they are completed as well


Not only will we help to eliminate the risks, we will also develop the best option for legal implementation of business solutions and client's initiatives


We do not promise you a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow but we meet all the deadlines and liabilities without compromising the project quality



Implemented examples of our legal projects


Client: Shopping and Leisure Center in Ukraine

Objective: Legal diagnostics before purchasing the property

What was done:We conducted an in-depth legal diagnostics of the shopping and leisure center that revealed a number of significant legal risks for the transaction planned. The implemented work not

only resulted in a reduction of the purchasing price but eliminated some of the identified risks at the seller's expense.

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Client: One of the largest industrial holdings

Objective: Legal diagnostics and transaction support in Switzerland

What was done: We conducted a comprehensive legal diagnostics of a Swiss operational company. The transactional documents involved in the deal were prepared, including the contract for sale and

purchase of shares according to the British law that the transaction was made pursuant to.

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Client: A large Ukrainian agricultural holding

Objective: Tax and legal structuring of the business

What was done: We analyzed the client's existing corporate structure The results were used to develop a number of measures to optimize the tax and legal corporate structure in Ukraine. There were also alternative options offered for arranging the

client's corporate structure outside Ukraine, as well as a detailed action plan for transitioning to a new corporate structure.

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Client: A large holding in the field of alternative energy

Objective: Tax and legal optimization of the corporate structure

What was done: We conducted a comprehensive legal diagnostics of the corporate structure. There were alternative options of the corporate structure

developed, which included the establishment of companies in other jurisdictions. An action plan for implementation of the target corporate structure was developed. Moreover, we performed a legal support in implementation of the action plan for transition to a new corporate structure.

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Client: A large international holding in the field of FMCG

Objective: Challenge the tax assessment notice

What was done: We completed a comprehensive legal support in challenging the tax assessment notice, according to which the client was denied in the VAT reimbursement amounting to

₴40 mn. Thanks to our lawyers, the client's position was approved by the courts of all instances.

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Client: An international holding in the field of FMCG

Objective: Develop the corporate management structure

What was done: We conducted an analysis of the client's corporate management structure and suggested a number of enhancement measures both in the Ukrainian operational companies and in

the foreign parent company. A comprehensive support in implementation process of the new corporate management structure at the foreign parent company was conducted as well.

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Artem Kovbel

Artem Kovbel


12 years of experience in structuring M&A transactions
Successful support in disputes and litigations
Author of over 100 financial, economic and legal articles

Artem Kovbel
Игорь Григорьев

Igor Grygoriev

Legal Director

Legal and tax structuring of business
Support in M&A and other investment transactions
Experience in international consulting and legal companies

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