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As the saying goes, Monday is a hard day. We decided to fight this historical injustice by methods against which the bad mood did not stand a single chance. What were those methods? Kindness and personal involvement! On December 16, the DobroDay Charity Sweets Fair, initiated by the Kreston GCG Academy team, took place in the office.

All weekend the most inspired bakers and confectioners of our company worked at home kitchens to present 15 kinds of sweets at the fair on Monday: cupcakes, eclairs, cakes, fruit pastels, candies, and other delights. All desserts were sold out! We suggest that we owe this commercial success to the secret ingredient – love to fellow beings.

Well, for whom did we work so hard? St. Nicholas Day, the most magical and beloved children’s holiday, is coming. Unfortunately, not all children can enjoy it to the full and count the days on the calendar carelessly. Some of them struggle every day with oncology. We used all the funds raised at the Charity Sweets Fair to purchase the necessary things for their needs. In order to avoid any mistake, we have agreed on all the details with National Cancer Institute, where we will deliver all the purchased items. Including the big table football, which will surely help children to cheer up in difficult moments.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the employees who joined the fair, as well as to the benefactors who have noticed our efforts at Instagram and made donations. The personal contribution of each of you to our common savings box of good deeds is important and significant. It brings us one-step closer to make the sun shine as brightly for these kids as it does for all of us.

Finally, we would like to remind you that winter is a time for miracles, and miracles begin with you!

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Today, men at Kreston GCG were particularly surrounded with care and attention from our women.
Positive mood, kind words, smiles and sincere emotions — all of this made our Ukraine Defender’s Day at Kreston GCG!

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On September 27, our HR Department represented Kreston GCG at the internship fair by the name of “Stud Point. Internship” that took place at the Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU).

Our company always holds its doors open for the young, bright and dedicated ones! Let us build the best auditor and consulting company in Ukraine together!

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On August 8, 2016, Kreston GCG celebrated its 16th anniversary and that was quite a unique day. According to our corporate-established traditions, Kreston GCG summarized the work results underlining the personal contribution of every team member to the strategic development and shared vision.

To honor this occasion, we hosted a corporate event — THE WHITE BIRTHDAY PARTY, which our team remembered not only for the weather being so sunny and warm, but for its relaxing and heartfelt atmosphere.

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This week, Kreston GCG hosted a small yet very heartfelt holiday. We have an excellent occasion for this holiday, since the Annual Performance Review of our co-workers from the audit department has finally come to an end.

The professionalism and dedication were greatly appreciated — 8 employees got promoted. The winners in each category and mentors received letters of acknowledgement and gifts.

We wish all Kreston GCG members not to dwell on the progress achieved and develop the professional expertise of their own.
Keep it up!

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Today, the 8th Odessa International Film Festival started first film releases of the participants to the competition program.

Kreston GCG closely monitors the honesty and credibility of the voting results.

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We would like to share some good news with you.
This June, Kreston GCG added two leading players to the team.
As a result, preparation of statements and documentation on transfer pricing for your company will be under our double control.
Who can hear you and understand the problem, find an optimal solution and present it in the best shape?
Only a person who has been both in the shoes of a client and consultant – Vladyslav Papakin, Director of the Transfer Pricing Department.

  • Professional background in transfer pricing in many jurisdictions of Europe, Asia, and USA
  • Prepared documentation for transfer pricing pursuant to the legislation of Ukraine, EU, and USA
  • Implemented the transfer pricing policy in a large financial and industrial holding
  • Worked at an industry-leading international audit company

Is there a person who knows best how the statements and documentation on transfer pricing should be like to get approval from the oversight authorities?

Yes, there is! And that someone is Olha Saprunova, the Deputy Director of the Transfer Pricing Department with 10 years of experience in fiscal authorities.

  • 4 years of experience as Senior Forensic Analyst at the State Fiscal Service (SFS) on transfer pricing matters
  • Supported examinations, identified risks, formed an informed opinion on appeals (for a failure to submit statements), analyzed statements and documentation
  • Delivered over 30 training sessions in transfer pricing
  • An author of articles for a specialized SFS magazine and a co-author of special editions dedicated to the transfer pricing

We are ready to meet, share our knowledge and work with everyone who has not prepared statements and documentation on transfer pricing yet or wants to examine the quality of the engagement already implemented.

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Our company, together with the entire Ukraine, has celebrated the World Vyshyvanka (Embroidery) Day on May 19 — Kreston GCG officers came to work all wearing national costumes.

It is easy for our young, dynamic, creative team to turn weekdays into holidays, and the Vyshyvanka Day is a holiday for Kreston GCG. We support the aim of preserving cultural traditions, developing and promoting the ethnic fashion.

The World Vyshyvanka Day at Kreston GCG was wonderful and exciting! No one was left indifferent — there was an abundance of positive vibe as we shared the photos, smiles and our stories.

We got to know each other a little better and became more cohesive.We can safely say that Kreston GCG is a united friendly team ready for any challenges!

Together we make a GREAT TEAM!

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There is always a critical need in a balance between work and life outside the office for any of us.
In this regard, physical exercises serve as a wonderful tool.An active lifestyle and fun exercises give us the most important — vitality, which makes us happy and keeps our wits and physical conditions sharp and steady.
Kreston GCG is keen on football.For our men, football is not merely a sport. It is the passion, a deep breath of crazy thrill when every minute can decide everything.

Take a look at our photo coverage to see the results of our first mini-football championship at Kreston GCG.

We offer infinite opportunities for professional fulfillment at each of our departments

Working with us, you become a part of the international company of Kreston International

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