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Financial statement audit can be initiated by various parties, which sometimes provides for a different understanding of the audit project efficiency. Apart from meeting the requirements of the International Standards on Auditing (ISA), our project team is committed to deliver additional value to the clients.

What makes our offering seamless:

  1. Projects are managed by our certified auditors with ACCA qualification.
  2. Our experts closely liaise with the clients and have over 10 years of experience in auditing, accounting, and tax management.
  3. We form teams only of experts with extensive and industry-specific experience. Our clients always have access to any information about the experience and qualification of every team member.
  4. Project deadlines are among our top priorities. As early as at the start of a project, we agree on the schedule, gather supervisory councils, and follow up with presentations on interim results.
  5. Our projects hardly aim only to form an auditor’s opinion on the reliability of financial statements. We define the criteria to enhance the accounting, reporting, and internal controls.
  6. We have a very close integration with other audit firms united by Kreston International and those belonging to the BIG4 of auditors in other countries.
  7. An ongoing communication with the end users of audit reports is at the heart of each and every successful project. When it comes to international financial institutions, we prefer to build a completely transparent relationship that takes into account every requirement set by investors and creditors.

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Ukrainian companies have different policies on IFRS implementation. Even large holdings prefer to outsource annual transformations and consolidations of local statements and reporting under IFRS. However, there are small companies that have switched to financial reporting under IFRS on a permanent basis.

What we offer to our clients:

  1. Fast transitions to IFRS with the first full application.
  2. Staged implementation of IFRS with a reconstruction of financial accounts in your entity.
  3. Training sessions for employees during implementation. Assistance with self-transformation and consolidation.
  4. IFRS training sessions. Informational support to keep you updated on new changes and revisions.
  5. Assistance in automation. Diagnostics of accounting processes and preparation of the terms of reference during automation.
  6. Implementation of IFRS into the budgeting system.


We specialize in accounting, management, tax reporting, financial reportingm and budgeting systems. Our aim is enabling our clients to obtain qualitative information in a timely manner to assess their situation and make proper calls. How do we arrive at this aim?

  1. We analyze the adequacy of ongoing policies and regulations.
  2. We examine the actual extent to which they are implemented in a company, the level of staff’s involvement in the preparation of information, data arrangement, analysis, and how the company management uses such information.
  3. We develop adjustment programs for systems and processes and assist in their implementation. We know that the deficiencies and shortfalls in the financial management systems hinder the development of your company, thus, exposing it to an untimely and unreliable information.


We carry out projects on the full staffing of financial and accounting departments, including:

  • Description of standard operational procedures and functions at departments, development of business processes.
  • Recruitment and evaluation of financial professionals.
  • Implementation of financial management systems and maintenance activities for continuous efficiency.
  • Creation of personal development programs for finance and accounting departments.
  • Review and adaptation of management accounting and budgeting systems, performance monitoring.
  • Review of financial budgets and their adequacy by reference to the business strategy.


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