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Law No. 466-IX (previously, the bill No. 1210) introduced major changes to the Tax Code of Ukraine. In order to ensure that you do not miss any important innovations and secure your business, we offer our guide, which reveals changes in audit, transfer pricing and international transactions. How was it before, now and what to do with it? Look for answers in our guide on the innovation of Law 466-IX. Download the full version of the document below....
The main driver of private primary healthcare, as international experience shows, is transitioning patients from state-owned medical facilities to private because the latter have better service and equipment. Ukraine has prerequisites for such a transition too. First of all, the patients themselves are largely discontent both with the service quality and the actual expenditures incurred as patients of state-owned clinics. In this situation, the government's objective is reforming the healthcare system to improve the service quality and economic efficiency of state-owned medical facilities. In practice, however, it is the opposite. Reforming the healthcare sector in neighboring countries s...

Solar energy has become a hot topic these days among many. Often referred to as the energy of the future, it attracts considerable investments in a construction of solar stations. In this article, we are breaking down the commercial prospects of companies operating on the market and measure the size of investments and rate of return (ROR).

Modern solar panels need no additional investments for dozens of years and, in our opinion, can become super‑lucrative in a long-term.

Inside the grand scheme of renewable energy

Renewable energy is a power generated by means of solar, water, wind, and biomass. These power generation sources show positive dynamic...

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