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Kreston GCG corporate finance services are aimed at providing comprehensive support to our clients who plan further development through the acquisition of a new business, sale of a business or a part of it, or to enter international capital markets.

While providing transaction support on mergers and acquisitions, our specialists can assist by orchestrating the entire process of acquiring or selling a business, or provide selected services at any stage of the transaction.

When the raising of funds is involved, we prepare the client for raising capital on the most beneficial conditions for him, by gathering all the necessary documents and selecting the most advantageous offers.

The list of our corporate finance services includes:

  • Supporting IPO and private placements
  • Advising vendors in the process of mergers and acquisitions
  • Advising buyers in the process of mergers and acquisitions
  • Due Diligence
  • Business valuation
  • Financial modeling
  • Consulting services on raising capital

Услуги Kreston GCG по корпоративным финансам нацелены на предоставление всесторонней поддержки наших клиентов, планирующих свое дальнейшее развитие путем приобретения нового бизнеса, продажи бизнеса или его части, либо выхода на международные рынки капитала.

Сопровождая сделки по слиянию и поглощению, наши специалисты могут оказать помощь в общем управлении процессом приобретения или продажи бизнеса, либо предоставить отдельные услуги на любом из этапов сделки.

При привлечении финансирования мы проводим подготовку клиента к привлечению капитала на максимально интересных для него условиях, путем разработки всех необходимых документов и отбора наиболее выгодных предложений.

Перечень наших услуг по корпоративным финансам включает:

  • Сопровождение IPO и частных размещений
  • Консультирование продавцов в процессе слияния и поглощения
  • Консультирование покупателей в процессе слияния и поглощения
  • Due Diligence
  • Оценка бизнеса
  • Финансовое моделирование
  • Консультационные услуги по вопросам привлечения капитала

    We provide full support to our customers when acquiring or selling a business, as well as when entering international capital markets.

    Our services include:

    • Justification of the transaction strategy
    • Market analysis
    • Operational and Financial Due Diligence
    • Legal support of the transaction
    • Business valuation
    • Business Modeling
    • Capital raising services


    In transactions of mergers, takeovers and acquisitions of business an independent evaluation is a must. Thanks to our full-fledged practice on Forensic and Investigations as well as many financial and tax Due Diligence handled by our team, we have gathered a true collection of client cases where financial losses ensued after detailed calculations were neglected.

    Most often, successful entrepreneurs make decisions based on intuition, the view of partners and financial calculations made by stakeholders. . We recommend carrying out independent assessment of the business, assets and liabilities, as well as business modeling of the future activities of companies that acquire such a business.

    Kreston GCG has the largest practice on business evaluation in Ukraine.


    In the early years of Kreston GCG in Ukraine, we specialized exclusively in companies undergoing bankruptcy procedures, or those that found themselves in a state of insolvency.

    Most of our clients successfully passed the procedures for solvency restoration and restructuring of debts owed to creditors: banks, suppliers, buyers, staff and government institutions.

    We conduct due diligence of companies, develop restructuring plans and provide support to procedures for their financial recovery.

    Below you can see an example of the main stages of the restructuring of a syndicated loan (based on a real example of one of the clients):

    1. Operational and financial due diligence of the Corporation.

    • Operational assessment
    • Assessment of control systems
    • Assessment of the accounting and reporting system
    • Financial assessment

    2. Research of the target markets of the Corporation, evaluation of the marketing environment.

    • General features of the target markets of the Corporation
    • Characteristics of demand
    • Features supply and competition in target markets
    • Situation on commodity markets
    • Forecast of the situation in target markets

    3. Development of a debt restructuring plan, drafting a settlement agreement with a set of justifications.

    • Development of an action plan to increase the solvency of the Corporation
    • Financial forecasting
    • Development of a syndicated loan restructuring plan
    • Development of an amicable agreement

    4. Participation in negotiations with the pool of creditors on loan restructuring.

    В первые годы работы Kreston GCG в Украине у нас была специализация исключительно на компаниях в процедурах банкротства, или имеющих состояние неплатежеспособности.

    Большая часть наших клиентов успешно проходила процедуры санации и реструктуризации долгов перед кредиторами: банками, поставщиками, покупателями, персоналом и государственными учреждениями.

    Мы проводим диагностики компаний, разрабатываем планы реструктуризаций и сопровождаем процедуры их финансового оздоровления.

    Пример основных этапов реструктуризации синдицированного кредита (по одному из клиентов): 1. Операционная и финансовая диагностика Корпорации.

    • Операционная диагностика
    • Диагностика систем управления
    • Диагностика системы бухгалтерского учета и отчетности
    • Финансовый анализ


    2. Исследование целевых рынков Корпорации, оценка маркетинговой среды.

    • Общая характеристика целевых рынков Корпорации
    • Характеристика спроса
    • Характеристика предложения и конкуренции на целевых рынках
    • Ситуация на сырьевых рынках
    • Прогноз ситуации на целевых рынках


    3. Разработка плана реструктуризации долговых обязательств, подготовка проекта мирового соглашения с комплексом обоснований.

    • Прогноз ситуации на целевых рынках
    • Разработка плана мероприятий по повышению платежеспособности Корпорации
    • Финансовое прогнозирование
    • Разработка плана реструктуризации синдицированного кредита
    • Разработка мирового соглашения

    4. Участие в переговорах с клубом кредиторов относительно реструктуризации кредита.


    Financial and Tax Due Diligence is one of the most popular services of our company. While earlier the diagnostics peak occurred against the background of Ukraine’s economic growth and purchase of promising companies, the objects of research are now most often companies that are for sale at a large discount.

    Also, business owners turn to us to independently verify the effectiveness of their own companies. The deterioration in financial indicators gives grounds for distrust in the management of companies. So, an independent evaluation is needed to avoid corporate disputes.

    Financial and Tax Due Diligence can be conducted with a different set of procedures, which we agree with customers prior to the start of a project. A complex Due Diligence consists of more than 150 such procedures.

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