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On December 5, experts from Kreston GCG attended the Finance, Governance, and Law in Agribusiness Conference. The event covered subtleties of land regulations, investment issues, automatisation in agribusiness and many other topical issues.

The Head of Investment Planning, Elena Siumak and Business Development Director, Andrey Sirotin presented best practices by Kreston GCG in reporting by means of Annual Reports. They shared most peculiar cases showing how such type of reporting allowed our clients attract investors.

Finance, Governance, and Law in Agribusiness is a conference for managers, accountants, financial experts, and legal experts from agricompanies. The conference is held in December in Kyiv every year. The event is aimed at discussing changes in the Ukrainian law on agriculture.

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Kreston’s member firm in Jersey, Alex Picot Trust have announced that Jersey Finance, the body that represents and promotes Jersey as an international financial centre has reinforced Jersey’s position on tax transparency.

Derek Rhodes, Director at Alex Picot Trust commented:
“Jersey is a highly regulated jurisdiction yet recent media coverage around the Paradisde Papers has perhaps underminded this reputation. We wanted to share this update from Jersey Finance about the recent OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) recognition with our colleagues as it relates directly to Jersey’s commitment to transparency. Jersey has received ‘fully compliant’ status where the UK and USA received ‘largely compliant’. If any Kreston members have questions about Jersey or the services that Alex Picot Trust can offer their clients they are welcome to contact me.”

In a recent communication, a spokesman for Jersey Finance said:
“We are delighted that the OECD has confirmed that Jersey is ‘fully compliant’ with all global standards of international tax transparency. It is an unequivocal endorsement both of Jersey’s world-class tax transparency framework and its ability to make sure that this framework is working well in practice. For Jersey to have been found to be entirely compliant in every single area is a fantastic achievement, underlining our commitment to combatting financial crime and tax abuse. Endorsements such as this from the OECD help us to reaffirm Jersey’s role as a premium international finance centre.”

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On November 29, Marina Perevoznik — Senior Business Analyst from Kreston GCG — presented on procurement topics at Zakupki Forum. There, she told about one of the essential tools for enhancing procurements — the audit of sales systems. By taking the cases from Kreston GCG as real examples, Marina explained what such audit actually is and how it can enhance the procurement activities run by the state, company or other entity.

Zakupki Forum is one of the largest national events for professionals in procurement. This Forum brings together leading experts, statespersons, entrepreneurs, analysts enabling them to share experience, discuss problems and special aspects of tendering in Ukraine.

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On September 30, restaurant Sanpaolo hosted an annual general meeting of the Association of Corporate Security Professionals of Ukraine (ACSP). As part of this event, Artem Kovbel (Kreston GCG Partner) was appointed as the ACSP Auditor and the Head of Forensic Committee, a part of the Association. With his new responsibilities, Artem will take control over the Association’s budget spendings and production of strategic documents that will form the basis for Ukraine’s national security system.

No doubt, it is a highly complex, yet important task! And we are glad that it was the Partner from Kreston GCG who is selected responsible. We wish Artem’s work to remain productive and bring every success to his professional career.

It should be noted that the new Chair of Association Presidium and Heads of Committees were elected. Moreover, ACSP participants have considered a number of other issues. They summarised the Association activities for the last 12 months and defined its development strategy for 2018.

Among the special guests, the meeting hosted two deputies from Verkhovna Rada, Advisor of the Presidential Deputy Chief of Staff, former Deputy Head of the SSU and concurrently the member of APCS, Datagroup CEO and one of the wealthiest people according to Forbes, Alexandr Kardakov, as well as Chief Security Officers from the largest Ukrainian companies.

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Kreston GCG participated in the Enterprise Development Conference “Taking your business to a new level” organised by the Kyiv CCI with the EBRD support as part of the European Union’s eu4business initiative.

In their presentation, Kreston GCG experts explored what an entreprise’s strategy actually is and elaborated on the strategy requirements expected by the market in layman’s terms with clear-cut visuals.

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We are proud to announce that from now on, Kreston GCG is an official member of the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

This is certainly a joyful and very important occasion for us, which offers a world of new opportunities. In a narrow sense, it is a great opportunity to share experiences with other industry experts, improve our skills and perfect the quality of Kreston GCG services. However, the members of CCI also have their other objectives for improving the business climate of Ukraine. We are excited to be granted this opportunity to contribute to this important cause and we hope for a fruitful cooperation with other CCI members.

Some information: The Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-government non-profit self-governing organisation that incorporates legal and natural persons registered in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation as entrepreneurs, created and operating pursuant to the law “On the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Ukraine” adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on 2 December 1997 and the Articles of Association.

The Kyiv CCI pursues facilitation in the national economic development and its integration to the global system, reinforcing the market mechanisms, rendering practical assistance to entrepreneurs of all ownership forms and representing the interests of entity members of the Chamber in relations with local state executive authorities.

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