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Banks have long ruled the show on the financial market. So long that it seems as if it's always been the case. Well, all of a sudden we have the fintech startups ready and raring to go. It took some ten years for these small projects to become large companies and grow in some investment and clients. They even managed to attain the impossible and move banks from their lofty perch.

Some already say that banks will disappear leaving the way for progressive solutions. Well, perhaps it is going to happen in some very distant future but definitely not tomorrow morning. Or even afternoon.

Unsuccessful attempts at ignoring

2007-2008 brought a serious mortgage crisis to the USA. It gradually grew into the financial and economic one covering the entire world. The crisis hurt banks a lot causing their mass bankruptcy.

Of course, they could not give loans in such conditions not even mentioning any types of deposit accounts. The same banks remaini...


No matter how people try to be modern, progressive, independent from the weather and seasons, the natural cycles affect us same as our ancestors. Celebrating the New Year is the tradition we can easily take as an evidence. Ancient pagans put a start to it originally and the holiday served as a symbol for ending one cycle and starting a new one.

These beliefs have not disappeared even now. We are still building new plans for the new year, evaluate results of the previous one, and try to realise the things we have actually accomplished or left out for another year. For this reason, we can see the increasing number of workshops, training sessions, and lectures on planning for the next year. Each is going to tell that annual objectives should align with the life priorities and facilitate implementation of the long-term goals (yes, these should be set as well). Moreover, they are going to explain why analysing the current situation and summing up the year results is so important....


President Petro Poroshenko has recently stated that the minimum salary In Ukraine can make ₴4,100 as soon as in 2018. Even though it sounds tempting, Ukrainian reality prevents us from branding it a step into the bright future. This issue is a double-edged sword.

What can we see now

In 2016, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a bill on increasing the minimum salary doubling it from ₴1,600 to ₴3,200. This led to peculiar consequences:

— The first disappointment from innovations came when people realised that 3,200 is the amount they get without the income tax deduction. After taxes, the employee would get much less – ₴2576. Against the backdrop of utility costs and product prices increasing, such increase in salary no longer seems significant.

— Increasing the minimum salary created problems for budget organisations. Their budgets were not increased, while the organisations were demanded to raise minimum salary. To replenish the budget, chief ...

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